Dunny's Tamales

by Paulie Think

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released May 28, 2017

All songs recorded at Progeny's Lab in San Antonio,TX by Erick "Progeny" Frias except "Gangs", "Zach n' Addie' and "Central Texas Voodoo Hex" recorded at SOS Studios in Chicago by M1d1. Additional Mixing and Mastering by Elwood at Portland Underground Recordings in Portland. Bass by Rob Castro and back up vox by Shannon Gfell on "We Just Came To Start Shit". Evolve featured on "Fiesta a la Frontera" .
Album artwork by Kevin Delgado.



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Track Name: Dunny's Tamales
Come Tamales en la manana
Come Tamales en la tarde
Come Tamales en la noche
Es todo lo que necesito para comer!
Track Name: Zach n' Addie
Zach was gung ho for war
but he quickly changed his mind
when he realised
the masters of propaganda
and profiteering
fooled the nation and himself with lies
witnessing first hand
he was sensitive to the senseless
war machine destroying life...like
that young girl from Wisconsin
and that young boy from Iraq
He screamed at the sky "Why'd they have to die?!"
now Zach met Addie
in Crescent City
its that town way down
in the dirty, dirty $outh
where you can puke your guts out
or fall flat on your face
no one will take a second look
or ask if your okay
then the French Quarter sucked
out their blood
and they joined the vampires
around the way

Zach n' Addie
they didn't heed
the mayors call to evacuate
Zach n' Addie
they saw the hurricane
in a different light
that's right Katrina gave em life
Zach n' Addie
played cards and kissed
by candlelight
it was the first night
they didn't have a drop dead fight
then the military took the streets
and back on came the lights
and back to work back to money
back to the drop dead fights
then Zach killed Addie
and he took his own life
they couldn't shake the devil off
Track Name: Mah Truck
Go to the bar in mah truck
we'll drink some beers by mah truck
we'll leave the bar in mah truck
my pick up truuuuck

Suckin titties in mah truck
i fucked yer sister in mah truck
i fucked my sister in mah truck
my pick up truuuuck

yellin at skaters out mah truck
yellin at rappers out mah truck
yellin at you out mah truck
my pick up truuuuck

i wonder if i could fuck mah truck
i bet i could fuck mah truck
yea i'm gonna fuck mah truck
my pick up truuuuck
Track Name: Gangs and the Government
yea for some reason Christopher Columbus
is still seen as hero
that's treason to truth
cut off the arms of the Tainos
if they didn't gather enough gold
so here we go
contrary to belief he didn't land in the east
he landed in the West Indies
and how can we "discover" a land
when there exists Hopi, Mohican, Cheyenne, Cherokee
and many more
our history shouldn't be a mystery
these lies I deplore
how can we know where we're going
when we don't know where we've been
we gotta be honest about this bloody history
so it doesn't happen again

the gangs and the government are no different

make no mistake
family gatherings and feasts are great
but Thanksgiving is a euphemism for Thankskilling
we celebrate hate
the natives gave the settlers a helping hand
taught em how to survive and till the land
and the thankin the natives got
was blankets with small pox
shot the fathers, raped the mothers and the daughters
knocked em out with fire water
this country united states entity
was founded on a collective murder, rape and armed robbery
and these leaders wonder why these shorties
come with pistols to come up
when the president have disputes
he orders the troops to shoot
and the nemesis gets blown up

the gangs and the government are no different

oh God I think the devil is winnin
all this violence today is a reflection of the beginnin
in every neighborhood, city and country
there's some beasts that prey on they own peeps
it covers every race and all nationalities
they call it makin a livin
I call it killin
your neighbors who suffer from addiction
a skewed perception of distortion
make an honest man pay protection
lets not sugar coat that's extortion
from the block where they might break your neck
to the government that pulls a weekly jack move
on your paycheck
dodge the gangs and the government
cuz they swoopin' like vultures

the gangs and the government are no different
Track Name: Beisbol Con Los Perros
Es un hermoso dia
y quiero jugar al beisbol
pero los humanos son estupidos
asi que estoy a ir a la zona sur.....para

Beisbol Con Los Perros
Jugamos beisbol con los perros

Roo puede atrapar la pelota cada vez que
Bank$y salta muy alto
Kenny Powers solo corre alrededor
El otro perro simplemente pono de los nervios

Beisbol Con Los Perros
Jugamos beisbol con los perros